The HARUSPEX Group LLC                                                                    
we look inside ... to improve the future

What we do FOR YOU

the strength to listen ... the experience to guide

Haruspex has developed a proven approach to getting to the "guts" of a problem: we listen! We listen to senior management, line management and staff. We use our experience from working in the profession to ask the right questions. 

We stress confidentiality and protect staff comments from attribution. It is normal for management and staff to be guarded in these conversations.  We structure a safe environment to gain the confidence that allows free and open discussion. Haruspex's processes discover the issues not talked about with management, the hidden complaints lurking below the surface, the "unspoken" gripes within divisions. We put our finger on the pulse of the company.

The Haruspex Group LLC works with its clients to look inside the company to discover the issues that sap corporate strength, impede financial performance, reduce productivity, and impact employee motivation. By putting its finger on the pulse of the company the Haruspex team works with management to remove hidden blocks and improve management processes. These measurable, critical success factors lead to a healthy corporate environment and also drive the financial bottom line. 

The results are improved company performance, increased productivity, retention of key talent and increased organizational performance.

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